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Name: D-ribo C20-Phytosphingosine

Size: 25 mg

Catalog no.: P399050

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Amines, Chiral Reagents, Glycerols, Fatty Acid Derivatives & Lipids, Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates & Fine Chemicals

Chemical's main applications

D-ribo C20-Phytosphingosine is one of the principal sphingoid bases in plants, some fungi and marine organisms but are also present in mammalian tissues.

Other name

(2S,3S,4R)-Amino-1,3,4-eicosanetriol; [2S-(2R*,3R*,4S*)]-2-Amino- 1,3,4-eicosanetriol; 4D-Hydroxyeicosasphinganine; C20-Phytosphingosine; D-ribo-1,3,4-Trihydroxy-2-aminoeicosane;