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Name: Phyto XcCar Agar Base

Size: 10X100G

Catalog no.: PHM020-10X100G

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Quantity required by litre

20.05 g


mD5A Medium


Firm, comparable with 1.5% Agar gel.


Store below 30°C and the prepared medium at 2 - 8°C


White to cream coloured, homogeneous, free flowing powder.

Cultural Response

Cultural characteristics observed after an incubation at 25-30°C for 5-6 days.

Colour and Clarity of prepared medium

White to cream coloured, opalescent gel with precipitate forms in Petri plates.


Phyto XcCar Agar Base is a phytopathological media, used as semi-selective medium to detect Xanthomonas campestris pv.carota in carrot

Compositions (g/L)

Sodium dihydrogen phosphate 0.900, Di-potassium hydrogen phosphate 3.00, Magnesium sulphate, anhydrous 0.15, Ammonium chloride 1.0, Agar 15, Final pH (at 25°C ) 6.4